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-Aquatic Coatings specializes in backyard pool renovation, from cracks to resurfacing we do it all. Our high grade elastomeric coatings will seal, protect and renew old pool surfaces. We offer two main color choices: light blue and white. Our coatings come with a full 10 year warranty. We also can remove and replace pool tile and coping, giving your pool that brand new look


-We do all types of pool repair. Cracks in concrete pools or fiberglass pools. Ground movement or structural leaks, we can find the cause and fix the leak. Tile or coping damage, we fix that too.


-In-ground concrete pools can be resurfaced with our Aquatic Coatings at a fraction of the price of re-plastering. If you have a fiberglass pool, we can resurface that too. Unlike plaster, our coatings all come with a 10 year warranty. We take pride in making your backyard pool look new. Chipping or cracks in your pool? We repair the damage and use our proprietary elastromeric coatings to seal and protect the pool surface. Call for a free estimate anytime.


-One piece fiberglass pools may crack or delaminate over time. It is our job to fix any problems you may have with your pool and renovate it with care and attention to detail. We use the highest grade gel coats and fiberglass resins and back up our work with a 10 year warranty. If your concrete pool has a fiberglass liner or a "fiberglass surface", we can repair it and make it look like new again.

Tile & Coping

-Aquatic Coatings also provides services that included removing old tile and coping. Installing new tile can make your pool look modern and gives you the chance to add your own personal touch. We have hundreds of color and style choices, and prices from very affordable to complete custom. Let us know what we can do for you.

Safety Fences

-Swimming pools are a source of great fun for a family and their children. If you have any safety concerns or if you have children in the house, installing a 4 foot mesh safety fence around your backyard pool can be the right thing to do. Let one of our safety experts come out and help you to make your backyard safe for small children. We can install a removable fence and self closing key lockable gate. Our fences are designed to go around any type of pool and we can customize it to fit your needs. All of our pool fences have a life time warranty and can usually be installed in one day.

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